Special Business Program

January 8, 2021by admin

The JP Associates Special Business Program helps business owners improve operating performance, increase profits, concentrate marketing efforts, and remain securely in compliance with government reporting regulations.

1. Unlimited Guidance and Consultation
A. Professional Business Guidance
B. Decision Making Assistance
C. Business Structure Evaluation vs. Tax Issues
D. Review of Prior Year’s Tax Returns
E. Review Record Keeping
F. Computer Software Setup and Troubleshooting
G. Establish Owner Goals and Tax Strategies

2. Accounting And Record Keeping
A. Operating Statement
B. Bank Reconciliation
C. Balance Sheet
D. Detailed General Ledger
E. Employee Earnings Register
F. Transactions Listing

3. Federal And State Forms Preparation
A. Sales Tax
B. Quarterly Payroll Taxes
C. Federal and State Unemployment Tax
D. Withholding Statements for Employees (and 1099’s)
E. Florida Tangible and Intangible Taxes

4. Tax Planning And Tax Preparation
A. Advice on New and Existing Tax Laws
B. Corporate or Partnership Returns
C. Personal Tax Returns

5. Market Planning
A. Marketing Plan Guide
B. Operation Performance Evaluation
C. Guidance and Consultation

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